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Work search is also a work. Let’s work!

My clients-designers and other specialists find desireable job in EU/US during 1 moth on average.

How will we work?

You send request to mentorship
We do free trial meeting for 20 minutes, where we discuss your current situation
You pass the career questionnare, which will help me create personal programme for you
You send me payment for the nearest consultation
On classes we:
We will prepare your CV for EU/US
Will prepare or update your portfolio
Will make your LinkedIn look professional for HRs and Art-directors
Will brainstorm job search hypothesises for you
Will master your skills in case of all types of interviews and other communication
Between lessons I am answering on little questions (if it included into chosen tariff)
Send request to mentorship
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hhhmmm... Maybe they will write me soon...
Before mentorship
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On the CEO interview I will say that I need 1 week to think about their offer because during this time I will receive 5 others and then I will haggle. Hehe
And then...

Why I am mentoring?

I am more than 6 years in design: Industrial, Graphic, Web, CX, UX, UI. I was federal design tutor and methodologist, co-owner of IT business. Now I have my own design bureau. Also I am passionate about fashion, expesially shoes.

After two years in industrial design, in 2020 I changed to UX/UI. Then in 9 month I became Head of Design: I made from scratch multidisciplinary design department of 7 persons. I was worked with:

orderyoyo food tech company logosber bank financial tech logoquantorium educational organisation logoelica air cookerhoods company logo21 school sber educational company logorenault automotive production companylexus automotive production companylada automotive production company

In 2022 March I moved from Russia and started looking for a new job. I passed 80 interviews during 2 monthes. Was severe labour market crisis, but at the end I chose from 3 great offers from US and EU. Salary was thrice time better than in Moscow (when I was Head of Design).

Then I worked 1 year as Product designer in EU company App-Smart. I designed food-tech products and performed UX analysis of German, Denmark, United Kingdom, Ireland and Switzerland audiences. Now I do webinars to help people find a job and mentoring people.

Possible types of mentorship

Job search from scratch

Career guidance, CVs, portfolios, interviewing, LinkedIn, Career consulting and others

Design education

Product, UX/UI, Web, graphic design, automotive design, industrial design and illustration, art direction and creative leadership and other directions

Career skills

Public speaking, Work and life balance, Copywriting, Teaching, Communication with management, Idea generation and other skills

Your topic

Tell me your request and we will discuss it. I will tell you if I can help you. Maybe recommend a mentor I know, if I can't help myself

Send request to mentorship

Mentorship reviews

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New Life begins with new job

If you are preparing to relocate/Want to grow in skills and salary/Want to change your professional direction - a new job is a great place to start

Prices and Tariffs

За 1 час занятий

Первая консультация на 20 минут бесплатна
Возможна оплата в других валютах
При оплате 5 занятий вперед - скидка 10%
При отмене или переносе занятия менее чем за 12 часов деньги не возвращаются
записаться на менторство

Самый быстрый случай нахождения работы в регионе EU/US был за 2 занятия (3 недели). В среднем - 5 занятий

The fastest case of finding a job in the EU/US region was in 2 sessions (3 weeks). On average 5 consultations are required

For 1 hour of personal classes
(course is not included)

A 20-minute trial consultation is free of charge
If you pay for 4 hour-sessions in advance - you get 7% discount. If you pay for 8 lessons - one of them is free
Between lessons I am answering on small questions in Telegram
Access to private job chat in Telegram
unique jobs
You can ask questions of people who are in the same situation as you or have been there recently
Payment in other currencies is possible
No refund if class is cancelled or rescheduled less than 12 hours in advance
book a trial consultation
book a trial consultation
buy a consultation
buy a consultation

With care for seekers - an in-depth video course priced below the cost of two counselling sessions

Course programme:

Introduction + Bonus: How not to burnout during job sourcing
Starting looking for a job - what to do: questionare
How to make a CV for EU/US/CIS: master class with template
Quick or thorough portfolio: template
LinkedIn and how to do it: master-class and template for profile banner
Search Hypothesises. Features of online and offline communication. How many applies you need to receive 1 offer?
Going through an HR interview
Going through technical interview
Going through CEO/C-lvl management interview
What to do next with this knowledge?

Well, we said it's in development. Close the console

And you're a nosy one.))

What you're getting:
The Knowledge
Payments in gold, real estate, cars and high-end hookah are possible
If you pay for 5 lessons in advance - 10% discount
In parallel with the class, answer small questions on telegram (For example, "What meme should HR discount to make the fork more pleasant?").

If you haven't closed your console yet, sign up for a class.
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